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Cyclists victimized by negligent drivers struggle to return to normal living for good reason. Cycling accidents tend to be especially violent and painful due to the sheer physics of these events. Cyclists are at a significant size disadvantage and also lack the protection that drivers enjoy when surrounded by thousands of pounds of metal. If you are involved in a cycling accident or any other accident in which another party failed to provide you with due care, you should be aware of the fact that you are a legitimate victim.

Our cyclist at law, Bill Shirer, Esq., is here to help you obtain the financial compensation you need and deserve to get your life back on track. Our legal team is also here for the family members of those who were lost in cycling accidents and other accidents. A wrongful death lawsuit filed in the aftermath of the loss of a loved one’s life has the potential to lead to considerable financial compensation that helps you gracefully transition to the next chapter of your life. What matters most is that you connect with our bike accident attorney in Atascocita for a case review and legal guidance.

Determining Liability for a Bicycle Accident

Most bicycle accidents lack clear legal liability as it is difficult to pin the blame on one party. However, there is a good chance at least one or several parties are primarily at fault for the accident. The challenge lies in determining which party or parties are liable for the crash. Legal liability is determined by evidence, testimony, and the interpretation of the letter of the law.

A duty of care is owed to all bike riders, yet those cyclists also owe a duty of care to others in their vicinity. Bill Shirer, Esq., embraces the challenge of proving the negligence of guilty parties and winning financial compensation for Atascocita cyclists. The challenge lies in analyzing the evidence from the accident scene, shaping a legal argument, and persuading opposing counsel to float out a settlement offer. However, your case is not guaranteed to end with the acceptance of a settlement offer.

Some Atascocita bicycle accident cases are litigated in court, raising the stakes all the more. As long as your Atascocita cycling accident attorney can prove another party or multiple parties are at fault for the crash, you will likely emerge from this unfortunate ordeal with the financial compensation you need. Examples of parties that can be found legally liable for bike accidents in Atascocita include the local government, the bike maker, the bike mechanic, another cyclist, or a driver.

Even if you are partially at fault for the accident, our Atascocita personal injury attorney will still review your case. If another party is even partially liable, there is an opportunity to obtain financial compensation. Cyclists injured in accidents should not lose sight of the fact that they are victims. Cycling accident victims are worthy of others’ sympathy simply because they were struck by vehicles weighing thousands of pounds. Therefore, even partial cyclist liability for the accident does not preclude a potential lucrative payout.

As long as Bill Shirer proves another party’s negligence caused or contributed to the accident, there is a good chance you will walk away from this event with financial compensation. Though financial compensation does not right the wrong nor erase your pain and suffering, it certainly makes the future that much more comfortable. Meet with Bill Shirer to discuss your case, and you’ll rest easy knowing you’ve done your part to shift the scales of justice in your favor.

Cyclist Laws in Atascocita, TX

Much is made of the rights of automobile drivers simply because they exist in greater numbers than bike riders. Bicyclists also have rights and obligations while sharing the road with others. In short, every bike rider has the same legal duties and rights as motor vehicle operators. Only one bike rider is allowed per saddle. Though it is legally permitted to ride two cyclists abreast one another, if such an action impedes the flow of traffic or presents another risk, it is possible for those cyclists to be found guilty of negligence in an ensuing personal injury lawsuit. Bike riders are also required to have reflector lights on their bicycles when riding at night.

Bike riders are required to ride alongside the curb and move in the same direction as traffic. At least one hand is to be on the handlebars at all times. Arm and hand signals are to be used to indicate the intention to turn or change lanes.

Car Drivers’ Rights and Responsibilities to Cyclists

As most drivers and bikers are aware, automobile operators owe a considerable duty of care to pedestrians, cyclists, and others on the road. As an example, a driver who swings open his or her door after parking on a busy city street without looking for a cyclist is an individual who might be found guilty of negligence. Drivers and passengers should recognize cyclists are at a disadvantage in the context of physics and act accordingly, even if that means looking for approaching cyclists before opening the doors of a parked vehicle.

Drivers are to remain outside of the lane reserved for cyclists. Drivers must provide cyclists with a minimum of three feet of room though several vehicle lengths is ideal. Automobile operators are required to perform passes of cyclists on the left side. Drivers are also required to look at their blind spots for cyclists before attempting to change lanes. Drivers’ duty of care to cyclists extends to looking for bike riders in crosswalks and those approaching crosswalks.

Cyclists’ Rights and Responsibilities

Cyclists are required to follow the rules of the road, meaning traffic lights and signs are also applicable to bike riders. As an example, cyclists are to slow their rate of speed when approaching yellow traffic lights, stop at red traffic lights, and stop at stop signs. Cyclists are also required to ride along the right side of the road, move in the direction of traffic, and signal their intention to turn or change lanes by raising the appropriate hand/arm at a minimum of 100 feet.

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

Think carefully before acting in the aftermath of your bicycling accident. Even a slight misstep, be it verbal or physical, can compromise your legal case. Do not admit fault in any way for the accident. Reveal your name, insurance information, and contact information to the other parties involved in the crash. Use your smartphone to record the statements made by others in the aftermath of the accident. The logic in recording video/audio after the crash is to capture other parties’ admissions of guilt. Video/audio evidence from the accident scene also serves as potentially invaluable evidence in a court of law.

Take pictures and video footage of the accident scene, damage to vehicles, damage to your bike, and damage to your person. Reach out to the medical specialists by dialing 911 as soon as possible. Contact the police so an official report can be created and filed. This report documents the accident, possibly providing insight into which party or parties caused the collision. Collect as much evidence and documentation as possible from the accident as possible, present it to our cyclist at law, Bill Shirer, Esq., for review, and you’ll maximize your chances of emerging from this unfortunate incident with financial compensation.

Elements of a Bicycle Accident Claim

Bike accident justice commences with the creation of a claim. Our cyclist at law, Bill Shirer, Esq., is here to handle the legal challenges of your case, so don’t worry about the nuances of the process. Our legal team is here to help you file a claim backed by accurate information and evidence. The aim of the claim-filing process is to set the stage for swift justice in the form of the financial compensation you need to right this wrong.

Bicycle accident claims center on legal liability. Pinning legal liability for an accident requires that your attorney prove the party allegedly at fault for the accident is actually guilty. Legal liability requires the proof of negligence, meaning a party’s failure to provide those in his or her vicinity with due care. Damages are calculated after legal liability is sorted out.

The costs that are causally related to the accident, be it medical treatment, durable medical equipment, lost wages, pain, suffering, or even reduced earning capacity, have the potential to be paid through a settlement or court award. Most cases lead to one or several settlement offers. However, some personal injury lawsuits are litigated in a court of law, creating the potential for an even larger payout than would be possible through a settlement offer.

Bicycle Accident Statistics in Atascocita

The state of Texas averages more than 2,000 bicycle crashes each year. As an example, nearly 17,000 bike crashes occurred in a recent six-year span within the Lone Star state. Slightly less than 10,000 injuries resulted from those crashes. Sadly, nearly 400 bike accident victims died in this period of time.

Best Bike Trails in Atascocita

Atascocita is the perfect place for a bike ride as it provides quick and easy access to green biking paths, ample sunlight, friendly locals, and a plethora of local establishments to check out without resorting to a traditional automobile. Spin your bike wheels around town, make your way to the Atascocita Hike & Bike Trailhead, and you’ll make truly lasting memories. Other local opportunities for bikers include the Exploration Trails, the Walden Trail, LakeView Park, Atascocita Park, and the Trail of the Lakes walking/biking trail.

Worst Areas for Bike Riding in Atascocita

Atascocita and nearby Houston have congested roads as a result of the Lone Star state’s rapid population boom. It is no secret that Kingwood and Northpark drives are some of the area’s busiest roadways. Bike riders are encouraged to stay away from these streets as well as Atascocita Road, Will Clayton Parkway, and West Lake Houston Parkway. Additional intersections to avoid include Fannin Street and Pease Street, Westchester Avenue and Bissonnet Street, Montrose Boulevard and Main Street, and Barker Cypress Road and Clay Road.

How to Avoid a Bike Accident

You do not have the power to prevent every potential bicycling accident when wheeling around Atascocita. Another party’s negligence has the potential to cause an accident that makes it difficult or impossible to put food on the table. However, you have enough agency to mitigate the prospect of a potentially debilitating cycling accident.

Be mindful of your surroundings each time you hop onto your bike. Ride away from cyclists, pedestrians, and cars. Try to ride along the edge of the curb to minimize the potential for contact with automobiles. Don a helmet, pants, long sleeves, and possibly even pads, and you’ll reduce the potential for breaks, road rash, and other injuries in the event of an accident. If you ride at night, wear reflective gear so drivers can see you. Above all, be sure to authoritatively raise your arm and hand long before you actually turn, giving drivers and fellow bike riders ample time to prepare for your on-road maneuver.

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