Services and Fees

SERVICES:  No one ever goes through a personal injury claim and thinks it was worth enough money to do it again. What we do is help you make the best of a bad situation and prevent the insurance companies from making that bad situation even worse.

If we represent you, we handle everything. All you do is go to the doctor, which you’d be doing anyway. We deal with and negotiate with all the insurance companies, and handle everything necessary to document and present your claim. In other words, we handle all the hassles that you would face. We also advise you regarding the progress, value and settlement offers made on your claim, and provide you with a full accounting of what is paid to who.  If the settlement offer is not reasonable or acceptable to you, then we will file suit.

Here is a general listing of what we do in handling your claim:

  1. Obtain the police report,
  2. Set up claims with all insurers, and make sure there is coverage,
  3. Obtain witness statement, if necessary,
  4. Obtain all medical bills and records,
  5. Negotiate the property damage claim,
  6. Prepare and negotiate settlement demands,
  7. Advise you regarding the progress of the claim,
  8. Advise you of any settlement offers, and whether such offers are “reasonable” given the specific facts of your case, as well as options that exist (further negotiation, litigation).
  9. If settlement does not occur, then we file suit, and handle all aspects of the litigation through trial. (Note:  Most lawsuits (over 90%) settle during the course of litigation without actually going to trial.)
  10. Prior to settlement, we provide you with an accounting based upon the settlement offer made and the anticipated reductions that we can negotiate on the outstanding medical expenses and various liens that might exist (health insurance, hospital, med-pay etc). If you agree to the settlement, we then obtain those reductions before settling your case.
  11. Once the case is settled and funds are dispersed, we provide you with copies of all settlement documents, and the final accounting plus copies of checks that we send to lien holders and medical providers.

FEES: Our fees are contingent upon obtaining a recovery from the insurers. If there is no payment, then you owe us nothing. You will never have to write us a check for anything. Once there is a recovery, we charge 1/3 of whatever we are able to collect on the bodily injury claim plus expenses.

If we handle your personal injury claim, we handle your property damage claim for free, and we do not charge for negotiating reductions with providers or reductions on outstanding liens (health insurance, hospital liens, Med-Pay, etc.).