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Bill Shirer, Texas Bicycle Accident Attorney
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Bill, Thank you for all your help. Here is my story. I was struck by a vehicle on May 5th and the driver of the vehicle fortunately stopped to check my status...[read-more]

I Ride, I Race, I Represent Cyclists

If you are injured while riding your bike, it is important that you contact an attorney who is experienced in both personal injury trial work and cycling. You need to call me, Bill Shirer, Cyclist at Law ™ .

I am board-certified in personal injury trial law and have 28 years of trial law experienceI also have the highest rating from Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings.

I understand the cycling community and the challenges you face as a cyclist. I ride more than 5,000 miles a year, I race regularly in the Masters 50+ road division, and have been riding and racing since 1987.

I am committed to our sport and serving my clients. I have the knowledge, expertise and experience to help you get compensation for both your personal injuries and the damages to your bike that are caused by a negligent driver or defective bike product.

Even minor bike claims are far more complicated than they were just 5 years ago, and you need an attorney who can navigate the insurance challenges ahead.

Some of the commonly asked questions regarding bicycle claims can be found here, and a general “infographic” overview of the bike claim process can be found here.

Better yet, give me a call at 972-392-1249 or 800-887-6188. The call is, of course, free. If you’d prefer to contact me by email, please click here.

Cyclist at Law: Bill Shirer
5720 LBJ Freeway, Ste 595
, TX 75240
Phone: 972-392-1249

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The cases below involve injuries caused by defects in bike lanes.  In both cases, the government entities had performed repair work in or near the defects in the bike lanes.  Both Courts ruled that the hazards were not “special defects.”  As for actual knowledge, one Court found that the government entity had actual knowledge, and


Issue:         Can you recover from a City/State Government in Texas for injuries caused by a road defect? Answer:     No, you cannot.  It’s almost impossible to recover for damages caused by road defects. Discussion:  Governmental entities are generally immune from liability based on the concept of “governmental immunity” (the Old English concept of you can’t


Bicycle rides are a wonderful way for both children and adults to enjoy the fresh air and get an excellent workout. These rides can include marathons, races, and leisurely outings with the family. To keep everyone safe, though, all cyclists should perform a few important safety checks – both for the bike and for the