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Bicycle Accident Attorney El Paso TxIf you have suffered an injury due to a bicycle accident in El Paso, you need to call an experienced bicycle accident attorney right away. Don’t let the big insurance companies push you around. You need answers, you need compensation, and you need it fast. Cyclist at Law truly understands bicycle injuries and can assist you in your claim from start to finish. Talk to the El Paso bike accident lawyer that can assist you in getting full compensation for all the damages you have suffered.


Recovery from a bike injury can be tough. You may have long-term injuries that require rehabilitation. A bike accident attorney can:

  • Help you with filing your personal injury claim.
  • Act as an advocate against the insurance companies.
  • Do everything possible; even fight it out in court for your compensation.

When you want the best legal representation in El Paso, call Cyclist at Law.


Compensation for your injuries should extend beyond the current situation. You may need long-term rehabilitation, or have a lasting disability that will prevent you from enjoying the El Paso bike trails. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can assist you in getting what you deserve. Cyclist at Law is dedicated to helping clients receive everything they are entitled to under the law.

Bicycle Injury Compensation in El Paso, TX

Riding a bike through Texas is almost always a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, it can also be a treacherous one. All too often, serious collisions with cars and trucks injure even the most careful bike riders. Even a ride down a designated biking path can result in injuries that require expensive medical care. When riding your bike in El Paso, TX, it pays to be safe.

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle-related accident, you’re entitled to compensation. Riders struck by a car or truck need to prove the driver was at least partially at fault for their injuries. For instance, a rider could argue that the driver’s negligence caused the accident. Negligence occurs when a driver disobeys traffic laws or drives recklessly. Your compensation could cover loss of work hours, injuries, medications, and rehabilitation, and, potentially, personal property damages. To start moving towards fair compensation, hire an experienced bicycle injury attorney promptly.

About El Paso TX

El Paso (from Spanish, “the pass”) is a part of El Paso County, Texas. The city stands along the Rio Grande, making it the perfect location for both a thriving tourism industry and other businesses. Visitors to the city will want to make a point of visiting The Cathedral of Saint Patrick, built in 1916, in Central El Paso. For locals who want to escape the city, the upper valley offers a beautiful getaway.

If you’re looking to raise a family and buy a home, the biggest employers in the area are Fort Bliss, El Paso Independent School District, Tenet Healthcare, and El Paso County. This city overflows with opportunities for growing families. With service providers such as Cyclist at Law, you can count on finding the support you need close to home. Furthermore, El Paso has one of the largest Hispanic populations in the country. This multi-cultural city is engaging, blossoming, and worthwhile.


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