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Bicycle Accident Attorney Roanoke TXSimply because a bike isn’t as expensive as an automobile doesn’t mean that bicycle injuries and claims aren’t just as expensive as automobile accident claims. A Roanoke bicycle accident attorney from Cyclist at Law is committed to doing everything possible to make sure you’re awarded with a fair settlement for your bicycle accident injuries. Cyclists who ride alone or with Roanoke cycle meetups deserve to ride in the road alongside automobiles just as much as they deserve the professional legal assistance of a bicycle accident attorney in Roanoke.Learn just how much your claim is worth and how to build a case to help increase your chances of winning a full settlement.

Your Accident May Not Be Your Fault

Here at Cyclist at Law we’ve found that a majority of insurance companies attempt to blame the cyclist for bicycle injuries when the actual fault lies with drivers who aren’t paying attention. Your bicycle accident lawyer is here to help you determine exactly who is at fault and how much your bicycle accident injuries are worth. In order to help build your case, we recommend that cyclists:

  • File a claim with their insurance company regardless of whether or not the company decides to blame the cyclist for the accident
  • Gather copies of medical forms and any medical costs that resulted from injuries
  • Get copies of claims filed with the insurance company
  • Make copies of any documents noting whether or not they’re able to work after their injuries
  • Keep up with how much they lost in wages because of their injuries

A bicycle accident attorney in Roanokewill remain with you from your initial consultation until your case has been officially closed. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you ever have questions or concerns regarding your claim. While treating your injuries immediately is important, your future needs to be next on your list.

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