3 Ways to Stay Cool on Your Bike

Ways to Stay Cool When you are riding your bike in the hot Texas heat, it can be hard to stay cool on your bike. Failing to stay cool can lead to heat stress and can negatively impact your ride and your health. Cyclist at Law has compiled these three easy ways that you can stay cool on your bike during infamous Texas summers.

1. Ride Early

Moving your bike ride to the early morning can help you avoid the heat all together. If you are able to get out on the pavement early, there is also less traffic. This can make your ride much more comfortable and safe. Keep an eye on the temperature and start heading back if it rises too much

2. Hydration

Keeping your body hydrated is key to staying cool. A hydrated body will be able to sweat, thereby releasing heat through evaporation. However, if you are not adequately hydrated, you will not be able to sweat as much as your body requires. Dehydration can also impede your body’s ability to utilize oxygen efficiently, which will quickly impact your energy levels. Bring enough water with you for your planned ride. Keep in mind that you will lose 1-2 quarts of water through perspiration each hour during a warm day. Many professionals freeze one bottle so that it is nice and cool when you stop to take a break.

3. Cooling Vests

Many professional cyclists wear cooling vests on long summer tours to help stay cool. The vest can help lower your core temperature and prevents dehydration. While it can add a little bulk to your body, it is one of the most efficient ways to stay cool on your bike.

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