5 Things You Should Bring on Every Bike Ride

As an avid cycling enthusiast, you know that there is the potential for accidents every time you take your bike on the road. In order to stay safe while cycling, you know that there are certain things you need to bring with you on every ride. The following is a short list of 5 important things you should never leave home without, courtesy of the Dallas bike accident attorneys at Cyclist at Law:

  • Water. While you’re riding, especially if you’re going long distances, your body loses a lot of water. To replenish the water you lose, you should drink plenty of water before, during, and after your ride. Forgetting a water bottle or not bringing enough water can leave you dehydrated and stranded along your route.
  • Extra tubes. You never know what will happen while you’re on the road. And just as you prepare your car for accidents that could possibly arise during a commute, you should also prepare your bike. Bringing along an extra tube or two will ensure that you’re never stuck walking your bike back home.
  • A first aid kit. Biking, no matter on off the road, can be very dangerous. Preparing for accidents in key in protecting both yourself and your bike. Bringing along a first aid kit to every ride will ensure that you can take care of immediate and minor injuries in the event that you crash.
  • Cell phone. Your cell phone is the main way you communicate with the world. Having one on your person every time you ride means that you will always have a way of calling for help in the event that you become lost or injured.
  • In Case of Emergency Identification. In the event that you are injured to the point where you cannot communicate with emergency medical staff, an In Case of Emergency (or ICE) contact identification card will tell them everything they need to know. These cards include your name, date of birth, emergency contact information, allergy information, and current medication information. Often, they are the difference between life and death in serious bicycle accidents.

Protecting yourself against accidents is essential to being safe on your bike. All of the attorneys at Cyclist at Law are avid cyclists themselves, and understand the dangers of the sport. If you ever sustain an injury from a bicycle accident, contact our offices for a consultation. We can help you get back on your bike with the settlement money you deserve. Call us today for more information: 800-887-6188.