5 Safety Tips to Follow to Avoid a Bicycle Injury

Riding your bike can be an enjoyable and healthy way to get from one place to another. Whether you are cycling for transportation, or just for personal enjoyment, it is important to stay safe in order to avoid a bike accident. Below is a basic list of safety tips to follow in order to avoid a bicycle injury from an accident.

1. Ride With Traffic

Never ride against traffic. While it may seem more comfortable to be able to see the cars that are driving towards you, it is more dangerous and in most states, against the law. Always ride with the flow of traffic to stay safe.

2. Be Visible

Do your best to make yourself visible to drivers. Install lights and reflectors on your bike. Wear bright clothing and try to avoid riding when it is dark. It is very hard to see cyclists at night, even with a light.

3. Use Hand Signals

Make your movements known to other drivers. Cars have turn signals that help warn others of their intentions. Cyclists should be familiar with the proper hand signals used to inform others on their actions.

4. Look Before You Move

Before changing direction, make sure you check that you are clear to do so. Many cyclists install a mirror to help them be more aware of their surroundings. One of the most common cycling accidents occurs from an unexpected left turn while a vehicle is approaching.

5. Take the Lane When Needed

On narrow roads where there is not enough room for a car to properly pass you, it may be safer to take the entire lane. This is generally for small city streets where the speed limit is much lower than rural roads. Be watchful for brazen drivers who try to pass regardless.

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