Are Bicycle Accidents Covered Under Auto Insurance?

Bicycle Accidents Coverage

An accident that involves a bicycle and an automobile usually results in the car getting the best end of the deal. A bicycle is basically defenseless against a vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds. The best way to have a chance to recover your losses is to get the most determined and aggressive Dallas accident attorney to represent you. Attorney Bill Shirer at Cyclist at Law is an experienced lawyer with an outstanding record of achievement and recognition, and he is a Category 3 cyclist.

As you start to realize the full extent of the problems that your cycling accident caused, you are likely to have a lot of questions about what is going to happen to you. Your expensive bike is probably ruined or badly damaged, and your personal injuries may need medical treatment for a long time. You may hope that your insurance company is ready to put a check in the mail to take care of you, but nothing is further from the truth.

Your insurance company has no intention of paying you even one cent unless it is forced to do so. That is where Attorney Shirer can provide the guidance and representation that you need. You cannot look to an insurance company to understand your loss or to care about it. As a business entity that wants to avoid disbursing funds for any reason, your insurance company uses all of the legal loopholes to give you the runaround. They hope to eventually wear you down to a point where you are ready to accept a minimum compensation or nothing at all.

The bad news is that your auto insurance is not likely to cover your bicycle accident insurance claims. Your homeowner’s policy may provide coverage in some situations, but a consultation with Attorney Shirer can give you the facts of the matter. His knowledge of the value of competitive bikes is invaluable in getting a replacement for you.

You can gain control over your cycling accident problems by calling Attorney Shirer at 800-877-6188 today.