Are Drivers Biased Against Bicyclists?

Cycling is an activity that can help you stay healthy and save money on gas, if you decide to choose two wheels over four for your daily commute. And while cycling alone can help you improve your cardiovascular health and muscular strength, your health can be put at risk if you choose to ride with traffic. Cycling accidents are always a possibility, even when everyone is driving carefully, but investigations into some recent bicycle accidents have revealed that not only do some drivers not navigate cautiously when near cyclists, but may actively attempt to harass them.

A recent editorial in the Boston Globe suggests that a bias against cyclists seems to be on the rise. While seeing a cyclist zip by your car while you’re stuck in traffic can be frustrating, it’s important for drivers to keep things in perspective and realize that every drive is not a race. Just because a cyclist may be better suited to weave through slow traffic doesn’t mean car drivers should take that personally. After all, cyclists don’t harass drivers of cars for having superior acceleration.

Despite what many people may personally believe, cyclists are not responsible for looking out for all other traffic and staying out of the way. Cyclists riding with traffic need to be given the same respect given a vehicle. That means a driver should never:

  • intentionally hit or bump a cyclist while following him or her
  • speed around a cyclist while trying to pass him or her
  • intimidate a cyclist in order to squeeze them off the road

If any of the above has happened to you while cycling and has resulted in an injury either to you or to your bike, you have legal rights to fair compensation for those injuries. No matter what the circumstances of your accident, consult the Cyclist at Law, Attorney Bill Shirer, for experienced representation in such matters by a top Dallas bike accident attorney. Simply call 800-877-6188 to explore your legal rights and options.