Bicycle Safety Tips from the Cyclist at Law

Just like with any vehicle, you are taking a risk when you ride a bicycle. If you don’t follow correct safety practices while riding your bike, you can cause yourself serious injuries in the event of a crash or other accident. Bill Shirer is the Cyclist at Law, and offers cycling enthusiasts the following safety tips to help prevent cycling accident injuries:

  • Always wear a helmet. This is the best way to protect yourself in the event of an accident. Traumatic brain injuries are a common cause for death and debilitation in the United States. Helmets help prevent these terrible injuries by absorbing some of the impact to your head during a crash.
  • Be alert at all times. Drivers aren’t always aware of how to handle a cyclist while on the road, and being alert to their movements can help save you from an accident.
  • Obey the law. The laws of the road aren’t just for drivers. Your bicycle is considered a vehicle and you must therefore practice safe driving habits while operating it.
  • Make sure you’re seen. If drivers can’t see you while you’re on the road, they’ll be more likely to hit you. You should always wear bright clothing when riding and equip your bike with reflectors and blinking lights, especially if you plan to ride at night or early in the morning.
  • Maintain your bicycle. Maintaining your equipment is a great way to prevent injuries. Tire blowouts, broken chains, or other issues can cause emergencies or accidents if they happen during a ride. Even worse, these issues can cause you to be stranded in an unknown area.

Because drivers are often not looking out for cyclists while on the road, it’s up to you to protect yourself. Practicing proper bicycle safety is the best way to protect yourself and your bike from harm. However, sometimes accidents and injuries can’t be prevented, no matter how well you prepare yourself and your bike. If you’re ever injured during a ride, call the law offices of Bill Shirer, Cyclist at Law, to help you fight for your rights and the settlement you deserve.

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