Bicycle Safety Tips to Teach Your Kids

It can be easy for children, and even parents, to forget that a bicycle isn’t just a form of recreation. A bicycle is a vehicle, and riding comes with many of the risks of driving; in fact, the outcomes of accidents are often worse, since bicyclists are more exposed than drivers. In light of these risks, parents should make sure their kids are familiar with these Dallas bicycle safety tips from Cyclist At Law.

Prepare Properly for Every Ride

Bicycle safety starts with preparation, and there are several steps children should take before going for a ride. These include:

  • Checking that the bicycle is in good condition, with tires inflated and brakes functioning properly.
  • Making sure the bicycle is adjusted properly; the seat should be near handlebar height, so the knees bend slightly when the pedals reach their lowest point.
  • Wearing a helmet that fits properly, with the strap adjusted and buckled.
  • Verifying that clothing is appropriate for weather and visibility; for example, bright clothing should be worn on low-light days.

Checking for these simple things before every ride can greatly reduce the risk of an accident.

Be Alert to Risky Situations

In addition to teaching their children a bicycle safety checklist, parents should emphasize alertness. Children should always be aware of other cyclists, cars, and pedestrians. They should pay attention to road conditions, from slickness to potholes, and recognize situations that might be dangerous, such as riding at dusk.

Final Tips for Parents

One of the best ways for parents to teach kids good bicycle safety habits is to model those habits. Children learn by observing, and seeing parents wear helmets, follow traffic laws, and pay attention can encourage children to do the same.

Sadly, even children with great habits may be involved in accidents, sometimes through no fault of their own. If your child is hurt in a car accident and you believe the driver was at fault, please call Cyclist at Law at 972-392-1249. We will be happy to listen to your story and provide advice over your potential options.