Contact An Experienced Law Firm To Help With Bike Replacement

A Special Olympics cyclist from Kalispell, Montana recently got a helping hand in the form of a new bike from Target and his local police department when his bike was stolen. He was very fortunate to get bike replacement in Dallas. The more a bike costs the more difficult it can be to have an insurance company pay for a replacement. We at Cyclist At Law help our clients negotiate settlements with insurance companies when expensive bikes are stolen.

A Need for New Transportation

Charlie Rickard uses his Mongoose mountain bike to go everywhere.  He rides it to work, to see his mom and for his Special Olympics training. He was very upset to wake up one morning and find his bike missing from the garage. A thief cut the padlock off his garage door to gain access to the bike.

Sgt. Tony McDonald of the Kalispell police was assigned to write the incident report for the stolen bike. He decided to try and help Charlie get a new bike. Working with the police department and Target Sgt. McDonald was able to secure a bike replacement for Charlie. The bike was presented to Charlie outside of the local Target.

Let Us Help

The bicycle accident attorneys at Cyclists At Law can assist in getting the full value of your stolen bike replaced. We don’t want to see you go without an important mode of transportation that was rightfully yours. Contact us at 800-877-6188 for more information on how we can help you get back on your wheels.

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