Important Insurance Questions After a Cycling Accident

Cyclists know that a competition bike is expensive, but insurance companies often seem to regard it as a toy that is not valuable. A Dallas bike accident attorney offers you the best chance of recovering damages to your bike. The Cyclist at Law, Attorney Bill Shirer, is an accomplished cyclist and an authority on bicycle accident and personal injury. You can count on him to understand the problems you face when your bike is damaged or ruined.

Coverage by Auto Insurance

Getting compensated for the loss of a bike is usually a complicated problem. Even worse, you probably cannot expect your auto insurance to cover damage to your bike—a bike covered by car insurance is an unusual occurrence. In some cases, your auto policy may cover some of your personal injuries, but the issue is often complicated.

A Business Matter

At a time when you suffer losses, you like to think that you can get understanding and support from your insurance company. However, you need to rethink that idea in business terms. Replacing your bike can cost thousands of dollars, and no insurance company welcomes a claim like that. Insurance companies are in business to make money, and paying large claims like yours runs counter to their financial interests.

When you have a cycling accident, you need a Dallas bike accident attorney to represent your financial interests.

How to Build Your Case

You can start to build your case by getting written verification of the value of your bike. The shop that sold it to you probably has a record of the sale that shows the date you bought it and how much you paid. You can also consult with the Cyclist at Law for free to get advice on how to proceed.

Dealing with an insurance company on your own puts you at a significant disadvantage from a knowledge standpoint. You are unfamiliar with the fine print on your policy—the insurance adjuster is an expert. You are probably suffering from shock or your losses—the adjuster is conducting business as usual.

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