Making an Insurance Claim After a Bicycle Accident

If you are injured in a bicycle accident, you have the right to make a bicycle injury insurance claim. You also may be entitled to compensation from your bicycle accident injury. Contact the Cyclist at Law, Bill Shirer, a bicycle accident attorney in Dallas to discuss your rights following your injury.

The first thing you need to do after an accident is contact the police. You need the police to file a report for insurance purposes. In addition, police can help you get a medical checkup. Sometimes injuries that seem minor at the scene develop into something later, or you may not think you have any injuries only to find out in a day or two that you are hurt. So you need a full medical exam at the scene plus the police report in case you have to find out the driver’s name and insurance number later.

Don’t talk to the other driver about the accident except to get his or her name and insurance information. Talk only to police officers. Sometimes the officers called to the scene don’t take the cyclist’s statement, so make sure you assert yourself if necessary. You need your side of the story in the police report in order to use it in your claim.

You should, however, get the other driver’s name, address and insurance information. You should also get contact information from all witnesses so that your attorney can contact them later about the case. Take photographs of any damage or injuries so that you can use them as evidence, and don’t get anything repaired until after you talk to your insurance agent and your attorney.

Finally, write down your version of events as soon as possible. You may not remember everything two or three days after the accident, so it’s important to get everything you remember onto paper as soon as you can so that your attorney can use it to help you when making a claim.

It’s important to talk to an attorney to make sure you get all the compensation you are entitled to from your accident. If you’ve been involved in a bike accident and need an attorney, call Bill Shirer, Cyclist at Law at 800-877-6188 today.