Never Leave Home Without These Cycling Essentials

Participation in some sports activities requires more preparation than others, and cycling is at the top of the list. Golfers have to gather shoes, hats, tees, balls, and clubs to go to the course, but most items are conveniently stored in a golf bag. As a cyclist, you have more important things to consider as you carefully plan to make safety a top priority.

Take the Basic Gear

Motorists are often unaware of the challenges that cyclists face, so you need to make it easy for them to see you. In addition to wearing a helmet and reflective clothing, make sure to take these items in case you need to make a repair:

  • spare tire and tube
  • patch kit and tire levers
  • pump or portable inflation
  • multi-purpose tool
  • first aid kit

Carry a Communication Device & Your ID

In case of a cycling accident that incapacitates you, a cell phone gives you a way to call for help. Time can pass quickly when you are enjoying a ride, and you can check your phone for the time when you need to start your return home.

Your driver’s license is necessary if you have an encounter with local law enforcement. You can also take another kind of identification that includes the name of a friend or relative someone can call on your behalf in case of an emergency situation. Make sure to include a credit card in your wallet.

Keep Up Your Energy

Exercise makes you hungry, and a snack helps you maintain a steady source of energy. Put a full bottle of water in the holder on your bike and take protein snacks or granola bars along with a banana or two. By refueling your body along the way, you can avoid exhaustion and dehydration, which are common causes of personal injury on long bike rides.

In the Event You’re Injured

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