Replacing a Competitive Bicycle after an Accident

Your competitive bicycle is so well built that it probably qualifies for use in the Olympic Games. Your sport is not widely understood in America, and most people have no idea of what you had to pay for your bike. Prices are unfamiliar to most insurance companies as well, and that makes it difficult to get compensated for that part of your bicycle injury insurance claim. Attorney Bill Shirer at Cyclist at Law is an authority on bicycle accident personal injury, and he can help you.

The limited exposure most Americans have to bicycle racing helps them understand that bikes take a beating in a race. The intricate mechanisms that make a bike achieve great speeds on difficult terrains are not visible to anyone but you. The records that you have on your bike are helpful in filing a claim. If your records are not complete, you may find that your local dealer can find your original invoice in a computer data file. The burden is on you to prove the value of a bike that is unfamiliar to your insurance company.

Your concern for replacing your bicycle may overshadow the need to take care of yourself. Attorney Bill Shirer is a bicycle accident attorney in Dallas who understands the difficult situation that faces you now. He is extremely knowledgeable about competitive bicycles and what they mean to riders like you who own them.

As an experienced rider, you abide by the rules of safe driving that apply to all drivers. When your best efforts to stay safe are defeated by a careless of inattentive driver and result in a bicycle accident injury, you need expert legal representation to get compensation for your losses. You may need to produce some documentation for your attorney to use in obtaining replacement of your expensive bicycle. Your medical expenses and loss of wages are probably easier to prove to the insurance company.

Attorney Bill Shirer at Cyclist at Law is an avid cyclist, and he can understand the problems you are facing. Make a call to his office today: 800-877-6188.