Statistics about Cycling Accidents in the U.S.

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Some Statistics

Statistics from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicate that the sport is more dangerous for you if you are a man. Fatalities among men average around 87% of the total, and injuries among men are almost as high at 80%. Summer months produce the most accidents, whereas the fewest occur during December, January, and February.

Avoidance Measures

Data from NHTSA shows that you can control your exposure to risk of injury. By planning your ride to incorporate the statistical findings, you may avoid a disaster on the road. Your risk is higher if you:

  • are male
  • are 25-64 years old
  • ride at night
  • drink alcohol
  • have little experience
  • choose dangerous locations

You can improve your chances for a safe ride by taking these steps:

  • wearing your helmet and using it properly
  • wearing bright colors in the daytime and reflective clothing at night
  • paying attention and focusing on riding
  • obeying traffic laws
  • keeping your bike in good condition

Legal Representation

When the statistics on bike accident injuries include you, it’s time to hire a Dallas bike accident attorney to get compensation for your losses. Insurance companies are not in business to hand over personal injury settlements willingly, so your best option is to rely on the guidance of a board-certified personal injury lawyer with over 23 years of experience.

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