Tips for Avoiding Personal Injury on a Bicycle

Your safety as a bike rider is affected by traffic, road conditions, weather and other factors that you cannot control. The helmet that you wear and the way you manage your bike contribute significantly to your safety as well. You are no match for the trucks and cars who share the road with you, so avoidance of a cycling accident requires your full attention. You can rely on Attorney Bill Shirer, an authority on accident and personal injury, to help you if an unfortunate accident occurs.

One of the best defensive measures you can take is to make sure that you are seen by drivers and pedestrians. You can make yourself visible if you wear a brightly colored shirt and leave your dark clothes in the closet when you ride. At night, you completely fade into the darkness unless you use adequate reflective and lighting equipment on your bike.

Good drivers follow the rules of the road, and the rules apply equally to you as a bike rider. A bicycle accident injury can produce terrible consequences that you may have to tolerate for the rest of your life. You increase your chances for a safe ride when you stay in your lane and signal when you plan to leave it.

Safety equipment that is designed specifically for bicycles helps you avoid accidents, and you need to maintain it in good working order. A red taillight and a white headlight are especially important when you ride at night. Your bell or horn can warn others of your presence, but using your brakes may provide a more effective course of action. A bicycle accident attorney in Dallas, Bill Shirer at Cyclist at Law, can provide you legal representation when your efforts at prevention fail to keep you safe.

Defensive driving is a good policy to practice, and it requires you to anticipate potential dangers. Surprises on the road are not usually enjoyable, and some of them can give you an unexpected injury. Riding alongside a car when the driver opens the door slams you into a fixed object with considerable speed. Anticipating the likelihood of an unannounced action can help you avoid painful injuries.

Take the proper precautions and enjoy your bike rides as often as possible. To get legal help when you need it, call Attorney Bill Shirer at 800-877-6188.