Training and Building Muscle After a Cycling Accident

With an effective and efficient combination of cardiovascular benefits and muscle-building potential, cycling is a great way to get into, or stay in, great shape. No matter what your age or athletic background, you can find an enjoyable and effective form of exercise in cycling. Unfortunately, if you plan to cycle anywhere other than on a stationary bicycle, you may put yourself at risk of a cycling accident. Careless and distracted drivers as well as pedestrians can cause cycling accident injuries in almost no time, derailing any plans at competition or simply continuing your normal routine. If you experience a bike injury, weight training and other exercises can help you get back into cycling shape. But before you begin your rehab efforts, you should contact a Dallas bike accident attorney such as attorney Bill Shirer, also known as the Cyclist at Law.

A bike accident is a traumatic event, no matter whether your injuries are relatively tame or severe. In addition to suffering physical harm, you may find your confidence level adversely affected and you may struggle to find the activity as enjoyable as you once did. All of this disruption in your life merits compensation, which is why an attorney is necessary. And while your attorney focuses on securing the compensation you deserve, you can focus on training to get back into cycling shape. The right training program will help you improve your strength and speed and can also help enhance your confidence level.

Building muscle is the key to recovering the physical and psychological ground you may have lost due to a cycling accident. Building muscle will make you stronger, allowing you to tackle more challenging terrain. More muscle provides more power with each stride, enhancing speed. And having more muscle and control will help you face any obstacle and move forward with confidence. The key is to perform compound exercises – those that work multiple muscle groups, such as squats and deadlifts – with a challenging level of resistance that you should be able to increase every workout.

While training can help you get back on your bike, the Cyclist at Law can help you get the rest of your life back together. Call 800-887-6188 for more information.