What Should You Do After a Bicycle Accident

There are times when accidents happen and sometimes the circumstances are unavoidable. No matter what measures one takes to prepare for and avoid a cycling accident, you cannot control the actions of others on the road. If you end up being the victim of such an accident, it is important that certain steps are taken immediately following the event which might include contacting premium legal counsel at Cyclist at Law.

Medical Attention

First and foremost, victims of a cycling accident  should seek medical attention in the vast majority of instances. Delaying such action could result in further and more permanent damage to your well-being such as complications that could arise from a concussion or spinal injury. Seeking medical attention can also help gather necessary documentation for any legal claims you may make following an accident.

Document the Situation

Another important thing to do after an accident has occurred is to take note of all the relevant information. Write down the names and contact information of others who are involved. A driver’s name, license plate number, and contact info are a few basic notes to take when you have been the victim of an accident. Having this data can be useful should the need for legal action become apparent in addition to a police report.

Contact the Experts

It can also be important to examine the scene following a cycling accident. It is recommended that you do not sign any documents or contracts following an accident until you have spoken to an experienced and qualified Dallas accident attorney. For more information on how we can help you after an accident, contact Cyclist at Law representatives at 800-877-6188.