Icy Road Accident on a Bike

With the cold and wet weather in Dallas, there is inevitably going to be icy roads. With icy roads, there is an increased risk for accidents, especially on your bike. While you are as careful as you can be, accidents do happen. Make sure you know how to handle a winter ice accident claim.

Medical Attention

If you got in an accident, make sure that you are ok medically. If you believe you were injured, have someone call emergency services to get checked out. The last thing you want to do is move and aggravate a serious injury.

Collect Contact Information

Collect the contact information of the person at the accident, if you are unable to, direct someone to obtain that information for you. You will need additional information in order to process your insurance claim.

Take Pictures

If you have your cellphone, make sure to take pictures of the accident. If you are unable to walk around, have a witness take pictures and e-mail them to you. This will be valuable information for your attorney.

Call Your Insurance Company

You will want to contact your insurance company and let them know about the accident. Tell them about the other person’s liability. Even though it is cold and icy, a driver has the responsibility to control their vehicle in all conditions. Bad weather is no excuse for causing you injury.

Contact An Attorney

After you have gotten a full medical evaluation by a medical professional, you need to speak with an experienced attorney who focuses on bike accidents. They will be able to assist you in properly executing all steps to getting compensation for the damages you experienced. They can walk you through the claim process and get your money fast.

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