Wintertime Cycling Safety Tips

CYCLING SAFETY TIPS Wintertime road conditions pose several challenges to cyclists. Whether you are a committed cycler or a weekend warrior, wintertime cycling safety concerns you. Since the Cyclist At Law has seen a few winters from behind the handlebars, I’ll share some valuable tips that can help keep you safe when riding in cold weather.

Icy Road Conditions

Though Dallas is known for its warm weather, the area can experience freezing rain and icy road conditions a few times a year. Icy road conditions may halt traffic but people on a bike may still be able to get to work. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Safety first – Wear your helmet and other pieces of protective gear when riding.
  • Identify a safe route – If possible, avoid riding on inclines. Sloping roads can be especially dangerous when icy.
  • Increase visibility – Make certain that your visibility gear is in place. Drivers focused on navigating an icy road may not be as attentive as usual. This is a good time to use blinkers to increase cycling safety.

Staying Warm

Dressing for the weather is another aspect of cycling safety. A good shell jacket will really come in handy when riding in low temperatures. Layered gloves will keep your hands comfortable. Bring a bottle of water with you, too; staying hydrated will help you regulate your body temperature while riding.

Even if the temperature changes, our phone number never will. Contact the Cyclist At Law at 972-392-1249 if you experience a bike accident to speak with a Dallas attorney.