When It Happens – At the Scene

When Accident Happens– At the SceneDo the best you can.  If you are not too badly hurt, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Police: Call the police even if it appears that there is little property damage or you don’t think you are hurt that bad. And make sure to get the report number.
  2. Photos: Take a bunch of photos or have someone else if you cannot.
  3. Witnesses: Get names and numbers if possible. If you can’t, ask someone else to do so.
  4. Attitude: Yes, you are hurt, and yes, you are pissed off, but don’t get angry and don’t threaten anyone. Sure, the person that hit you did something stupid that has hurt you and totaled your bike, but that person did not (hopefully) intend to do so.
    If you get angry, and there is any question as to whose fault the collision is, your anger could burn you, especially when talking with the police officer, whose report can be all important in determining liability. You don’t want to get pissy with the police officer.
  5. Emergency Care: If there is a question regarding whether to go to the ER, opt to go. Cyclists have this tendency to shake off the injuries; however, after the adrenaline drops, you will probably start hurting more. If you hit your head or your head hurts, go to the hospital, no question about it.
  6. Call UsThe sooner we get your call, the better job we can do for you. We can relieve you of the burden of making the claim(s) with the insurance companies. We can also assist you in obtaining prompt, follow-up medical care.