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We at Cyclist at Law, focus on bicycle accidents. Not only is this personal injury attorney familiar with bicycle law, but I am also a cyclist.  Whether you are trying to claim for bicycle accident damages such as replacing your bike or claiming for medical bills you’ve had as a result of a bicycle injury, I can help you negotiate with your insurance company for your personal injury case .

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Bicycle Accident Statistics Allen, TX

In 2015, there were an estimated 45,000 cyclist injuries in the United States. That’s 5,000 fewer than in 2014, when there were an estimated 50,000 injuries. However, 818 people were killed in bicycle accidents in 2015. This represents a 6 percent increase in bicycle-related deaths since 2006. All of these statistics prove the dangers associated with riding a bike. Of course, any mode of transportation comes with some level of risk. Cyclists can protect themselves by riding carefully and, in the event of an accident, getting help from a bicycle accident attorney.

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Bicycle Accident Settlement in Allen

If you were in a biking accident that was someone else’s fault, Texas law allows you to make a claim for compensation. A successful settlement could allow you to recover compensation for lost income, medical expenses, and other damages. If you want to receive a fair settlement, then you need to make your claim as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional bicycle accident attorney. In addition, it’s crucial that you gather as much information as possible at the scene.

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Without Helmets Bicycle Accidents

If you bike without a helmet, you are much more likely to suffer a major head injury. This fact does not come as a surprise to most people. In case of an accident, helmets can help prevent both bleeding and traumatic brain injuries. If you choose not to wear a helmet, you’re also much more likely to break facial bones. You may even die from your injuries. It’s been estimated that close to half of all bike riders do not wear a helmet — this is seriously dangerous.

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Exploring Trends in Bicycle Accidents Nationwide

  1. Evolving Bicycling Trends: Between 2000 and 2012, the number of Americans opting for bicycle commuting witnessed a substantial rise, indicating a burgeoning interest in cycling across diverse demographics.
  2. Escalating Safety Concerns: Despite the myriad benefits associated with cycling, including improved health and environmental sustainability, the activity poses inherent risks, particularly in encounters with motor vehicles.
  3. Disproportionate Injury Vulnerability: Cyclists face a significantly higher risk of severe injury or fatality when involved in accidents with motor vehicles, despite constituting only 2 percent of all traffic-related fatalities and injuries in 2012.
  4. Temporal and Spatial Fatalities: A notable portion of bicyclist fatalities occurred during the late afternoon to midnight period (48%), predominantly in urban settings (69%), underscoring the need for heightened vigilance in these times and locales.
  5. Gender Disparity: Alarmingly, a staggering 88% of individuals killed while cycling were male, suggesting potential gender-specific risk factors or behavioral patterns contributing to accident occurrences.
  6. Alcohol Impairment: Roughly one in four bicyclists killed in crashes had blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) exceeding the legal limit, emphasizing the hazards of cycling under the influence.
  7. Preventable Crash Scenarios: Many bicycle accidents could be averted through adherence to traffic regulations and increased awareness and caution by both cyclists and motorists.
  8. Seasonal Variability: While summertime traditionally sees a surge in bicyclist fatalities, the year 2012 witnessed significant spikes in fatalities from January through June, highlighting unpredictable seasonal variations.
  9. Trip Purpose Diversity: Recreation (33%) and exercise (28%) were cited as primary reasons for bicycle trips, followed by personal errands (17%), underscoring the diverse motivations behind cycling activities.
  10. Safety Protocols: Cyclists adopt various safety measures, with a majority utilizing bike headlights (44%) and fluorescent/reflective clothing (42%) for nighttime riding, aiming to enhance visibility and minimize accident risks.


Texas Bicycle Accident Insights and Figures

  1. Crash Overview (2007 – 2012): Texas encountered 12,789 bicycle crashes over six years, leading to 12,132 injuries and 297 fatalities, indicating the substantial impact on cyclists’ safety.
  2. Age Distribution: Alarmingly, more than a quarter (27%) of crash-involved cyclists were under 15 years old, while another 25% fell between 15 and 24, highlighting the vulnerability of younger riders to accidents.
  3. Gender Disparity: Males comprised a significant 81% of bicycle crash victims from 2007 to 2012, indicating a pronounced gender disproportion in accident occurrences.
  4. Crash Locations: Higher-speed roads like U.S. and state highways posed greater fatality risks, with two-thirds of injuries occurring on city streets and 33% of fatalities on highways, emphasizing the elevated danger on these routes.
  5. County-specific Data: Analysis identified high-risk counties like Harris, Travis, Dallas, Bexar, and Tarrant, topping the list for bicycle crashes. Targeted safety initiatives in these areas can mitigate risks and enhance safety statewide.


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