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A bike accident in Amarillo will irrevocably change your life. Though such an accident is certainly unfortunate, there is a silver lining. Bill Shirer, Esq., our Cyclist at Law, will fiercely advocate on your behalf to obtain compensation after your bicycle accident in Amarillo. Let Bill handle discussions with the insurance provider and opposing counsel on your behalf, and you’ll be liberated to focus on rebuilding your body, spirit, and mind after this tragic accident. 

The aim of a personal injury lawsuit in the aftermath of a bike-riding accident in Amarillo is to obtain financial compensation for your lost wages, diminished earning capacity, damaged bicycle, medical costs, pain, suffering, and other losses causally related to the accident.

Bill Shirer is the perfect personal injury attorney for your case as he is a passionate bicyclist. Bill rides on the weekends with his fellow Texans. Put your trust in Bill, and you’ll be represented by an accomplished bike accident attorney with more than three decades of experience handling personal injury cases. Whether you are not at fault in the slightest or partially at fault, Bill will closely review your case to get a sense of whether there is a good chance of emerging with a favorable settlement or court award.

Determining Liability for a Bicycle Accident

The issue of liability shapes your bicycle accident personal injury lawsuit. Even if you are partially liable for the accident, there is still a good chance Bill Shirer will win the battle for compensation on your behalf. Legal liability for a bicycle accident in Amarillo is determined by several factors. For one, the police report that details the accident will play a role in determining fault. Furthermore, if eyewitnesses viewed the accident, their testimony in a court of law will also play a part in determining legal liability. However, it will help if you take pictures of the accident scene, including damage to your vehicle and your injuries in the immediate aftermath of the collision. Start recording video footage with your smartphone just in case another party involved in the accident admits fault. 

Do not admit fault in the slightest, even if you were partially responsible for the accident. After all, it is possible that one or several other drivers, the city, a mechanic, or even a pedestrian will share fault, so there’s no reason to sabotage your chances of obtaining compensation by apologizing or admitting guilt out of politeness.

Negligence is central to legal liability in the context of Amarillo bicycle accident cases. Negligence is a legal term that refers to a party’s failure to provide due care to others in his or her vicinity. Legal liability can be shared across several negligent parties. From bicycle manufacturers to the city government, another bike rider, a driver, a pedestrian or the mechanic who last worked on the bicycle, there are several different parties that can be found guilty of negligence and bear legal liability for the crash. 

There is also the possibility that you will be found partially liable for the accident, meaning your payout won’t be as large as it would have been if one or several other parties were 100% liable for the accident. Video surveillance footage, the testimony of medical experts, and eyewitness statements all play a role in proving legal liability for the accident.

Cyclist Laws in Amarillo, TX

As an example, bicyclists must elevate the hand on the side of their body that they intend to turn toward or veer toward during a pass prior to executing that pass/turn. Bicyclists cannot ride on freeways or toll bridges. Nor can bicyclists stop or park their bike on a bicycle path. Bicyclists are required to ride along the right-hand side of roads in the same direction as traffic unless passing or performing a left turn. Amarillo added new bike-riding lanes to help prevent accidents involving bicyclists and drivers. Bicyclists are encouraged to ride in the restriped bicycle lanes and shared lanes throughout the city. Texas has traffic safety laws on the books that every bicyclist is required to follow.

Car Drivers’ Rights and Responsibilities to Cyclists

Amarillo drivers have a legal duty to provide cyclists with sufficient space on the road. If this duty of care is not upheld, the driver can be held legally liable for damages. Drivers owe such a duty of care as they are operating vehicles that weigh several thousands of pounds, while bike riders are on comparably flimsy frames and wheels. 

Automobile operators and bicycle riders alike must wait until it is safe to pass. Drivers should be on the lookout after parking as bike riders might be approaching car doors as they open into the adjacent lane. Above all, drivers should provide bicyclists with sufficient space and time to pass through intersections as bike riders are comparably slow when traversing these spaces. Furthermore, drivers are to give bicyclists a minimum of three feet of space at all times.

Cyclists’ Rights and Responsibilities

Though cyclists certainly have rights and responsibilities, those responsibilities aren’t as significant as those of drivers simply because of the size imbalance between the two vehicles. However, it is worth noting that bike riders also owe drivers a duty of care. Bike riders are legally permitted to ride along with the flow of regular traffic, but they must lift their arm and hand to signal their intention to change lanes, pass a vehicle, or turn. Bicyclists are encouraged to ride along the side of the street unless attempting to pass a vehicle that is stopped or one proceeding at an egregiously slow rate of speed. 

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

If you have the unfortunate experience of being involved in a biking accident, don’t blame yourself. This is not a time to beat yourself up and feel sorrowful. Rather, this is an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive with the assistance of Bill Shirer, Cyclist at Law. The first step after a bike accident is to contact emergency medical responders for prompt treatment for your injuries. The ensuing analysis and documentation of those injuries and your condition have the potential to make the difference between a lucrative court award or settlement and no financial compensation at all. 

Even if you lack visible injuries or don’t feel pain, it is still in your interest to ask for medical attention as the resulting documentation helps to bolster your personal injury lawsuit all the more. If you were to avoid medical professionals in the aftermath of your accident altogether, it would prove much more challenging to prove the injuries are causally related to the accident in question. 

Aside from contacting emergency medical responders, it is also in your interest to reach out to the police. Have the police create and file an accident report as soon as possible. The responding police officer will review the situation and attempt to determine which party is at fault. Pertinent details will be noted in the police report for future reference. 

If you have a smartphone or digital camera on your person, use it to take pictures and video footage of the accident scene. Take pictures of the damage to your bike as well as any automobiles involved in the accident, the intersection where the accident occurred, your injuries, and the license plate of the vehicle. If anyone witnessed the accident, record their name and contact information with your smartphone’s video feature. The next step is to exchange auto insurance information. Once all of the information is documented, it is time to reach out to our Amarillo bicycle accident attorney, Bill Shirer, for legal guidance.

Elements of a Bicycle Accident Claim

The bicycle accident claim process commences immediately after the accident. Contact law enforcement to formally document the collision with a police report. The doctor who analyzes your injuries will also generate a medical report that details the extent and magnitude of those injuries. The next step is to schedule a consultation with Bill Shirer, Cyclist at Law, for a legal review of the accident. Our legal team will handle interactions with the insurance company, including settlement negotiations. Most insurance providers offer a small sum of money in an attempt to get victims to bite, so it might not make sense to take the initial settlement offer. 

Bill Shirer, Esq., is willing to zealously advocate on your behalf in a court of law in the quest to maximize your financial compensation. This compensation will help reduce the costs related to the collision, ranging from damage to your bicycle to lost wages, medical costs, pain, suffering, and even diminished earning capacity.

Bicycle Accident Statistics in Amarillo

Texas had the fourth-most cyclist fatalities in 2020. A total of 44 individuals passed away while riding bikes in the Lone Star State in 2020 alone. Only New York, Florida, and California had more cyclist deaths than Texas. The rise in biking accident frequency and resulting deaths is attributable to the state’s growing population and also the renewed popularity of bicycling during the pandemic lockdowns.

Best Bike Trails in Amarillo

Amarillo is the perfect place to ride a bike, especially in the fall, winter, and spring months. Head on out to Pitcher Pump, Pualo Duro Canyon, the Buffalo Trails, or Lost Canyon, and you’ll have a blast riding beneath the warm sun.

Worst Areas for Bike Riding in Amarillo

Amarillo isn’t the largest city in Texas, but it is getting busier by the day. The worst places to ride a bike in town include S. Soncy and Westgate W. Parkway, S. Soncy and I-40, S. Georgia and I-40, and I-40’s intersection with S. Western St. and S. Coulter.

How to Avoid a Bike Accident

Even if you heed all of the advice detailed above, it is still possible that you will be involved in a bike accident in Amarillo. However, you can do your part to minimize the chances of such an accident by proactively adopting a defensive riding strategy. Don a helmet and pads, ride toward the side of the road, leave a minimum of three feet between you and the vehicle ahead of you, and always pay close attention to the road. 

Keep in mind, bicycle riders are fairly small, so it will be that much more difficult for drivers to see you and your fellow cyclists. Wear loud colors when riding along with a brightly colored helmet, and you’ll have done your part to stand out amid the chaos on the road. 

Above all, it is in your interest to ride in a defensive manner. If you feel uncomfortable while riding, pull over and let the traffic subside before rejoining the flow. Also, beware of parked vehicles as their doors might swing open into your path of travel. It will also help to remain hyperaware of automobiles’ tires. If you spot a nearby vehicle’s tires moving inward toward you, it is an indication the thousand-pound automobile will follow suit, so alter your direction accordingly.

Contact the Amarillo Cyclist at Law

Bill Shirer, Cyclist at Law, is here for all Amarillo residents involved in bicycle accidents. If you are hit by a vehicle, bicyclist, or pedestrian or if you get into an accident as a result of another party’s negligence, don’t suffer in silence. Instead, reach out to our law firm for legal guidance. Bill is just as passionate about biking as you and your fellow Amarillo cycling enthusiasts. Bill races in the Masters 50+ road division group and also rides for fun during his free time on the weekends.

Meet with our Cyclist at Law, and you will be provided with a personalized legal strategy carefully developed for your specific case. Bill is a phone call away. If you have been in even a minor bicycle accident, you owe it to yourself to reach out to our legal office today at 972-392-1249 or 800-887-6188. You can also reach Bill through email by clicking here.