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Bicycle Accident Attorney Longview, TX

Longview residents know that when they have a bicycle accident, there is only one attorney who truly understands. That is why they call Bill Shirer, Cyclist at Law. He is an experienced Longview bicycle accident attorney who is dedicated to helping cyclists with their injury claims. You should not have to go through your bicycle accident claim alone. Without professional legal assistance, you risk settling for less than your case is worth. Call Cyclist at Law today and talk to someone about your case.


Sometimes there is a bit of confusion on what exactly a bike attorney can do for you and your case. Cyclist at Law will:

  • Help you understand your rights and how your facts apply to the law.
  • Speak to insurance companies and negotiate a fair settlement.
  • Assists you in getting maximum compensation for your injuries.

There are time limitations on when you can file your suit, so don’t wait. Call Cyclist at Law.


When you have suffered a bicycle injury, there can be long-lasting physical and emotional damage. An attorney will help you put together a legal strategy where you can get compensation for the help you need to recover from the trauma you have experienced. You may dream of getting back on the Longview trails again, or perhaps just being able to make it through the day without constant pain. You need the proper resources to make it a reality. Cyclist at Law can help you get there.

Exploring Trends in Bicycle Accidents Nationwide

  1. Growing Cycling Culture: Between 2000 and 2012, the number of Americans commuting to work by bicycle surged from approximately 488,000 to about 786,000, indicating a significant uptick in cycling participation across the nation.
  2. Safety Challenges Persist: Despite the numerous benefits associated with cycling, including improvements in health and environmental sustainability, the activity also presents inherent safety risks, particularly when collisions involve motor vehicles.
  3. Disproportionate Risk: In accidents involving cyclists and motor vehicles, cyclists face a disproportionately higher risk of serious injury or death compared to motorists. Bicyclists accounted for 2 percent of all traffic fatalities and injuries in 2012.
  4. Time and Place of Incidents: A notable portion of bicyclist fatalities occurred between 4 p.m. and midnight (48%), primarily in urban areas (69%), emphasizing the need for heightened caution during these periods and in these locations.
  5. Gender Disparity: Alarmingly, 88% of those killed while cycling were male, suggesting potential gender-specific risk factors or behaviors contributing to accidents.
  6. Alcohol-Related Incidents: Approximately one in four bicyclists killed in crashes had blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) of .08 grams per deciliter (g/dL) or higher, underscoring the dangers of cycling under the influence.
  7. Preventable Crashes: Many bicycle accidents could be prevented if both cyclists and motorists followed traffic regulations and exercised caution and awareness on the road.
  8. Seasonal Trends: While bicyclist fatalities typically peak during the summer months, 2012 witnessed significant increases in fatalities from January through June compared to previous years.
  9. Common Trip Purposes: Recreation (33%) and exercise (28%) were cited as the primary reasons for bicycle trips, followed by personal errands (17%), highlighting the diverse motivations behind cycling activities.
  10. Safety Measures Adopted: Bicyclists employ various safety measures, with a majority using bike headlights (44%) or wearing fluorescent/reflective clothing (42%) when riding after dark, indicating proactive efforts to enhance visibility and mitigate accident risks.


Texas Bicycle Accident Insights and Figures

  1. Crash Overview (2007 – 2012): Over a six-year period, Texas experienced a staggering 12,789 bicycle crashes, resulting in 12,132 injuries and 297 fatalities, highlighting the profound impact of these incidents on cyclist safety.
  2. Age Distribution: Concerningly, more than a quarter (27%) of cyclists involved in crashes were under the age of 15, with an additional 25% falling between 15 and 24 years old, emphasizing the vulnerability of younger riders to accidents.
  3. Gender Disparity: Males constituted a significant majority, representing 81% of bicycle crash victims from 2007 to 2012, indicating a significant gender imbalance in accident occurrences.
  4. Crash Locations: High-speed roads, notably U.S. and state highways, posed a heightened risk, with one-third of fatalities occurring on these routes. Despite two-thirds of injuries happening on city streets, highways accounted for a disproportionate number of fatalities, emphasizing their inherent dangers.
  5. County-specific Data: Analysis revealed several high-risk counties including Harris, Travis, Dallas, Bexar, and Tarrant counties, leading in bicycle crashes. Targeting safety outreach and awareness campaigns in these areas, alongside existing efforts, offers a strategic approach to reducing risks and promoting safety for cyclists and motorists statewide.



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