4 Safety Tips for Cyclists to Ensure Bicycle Safety

Riding a bike is a great way to exercise and get from one place to another. In order to avoid accidents and injury, it is helpful to follow to some bike safety rules. Cyclist At Law can help if you been injured in a bike accident. Here are five bicycle safety tips.

1. Follow traffic signs and signals

Cyclists need to obey the same rules as any other vehicles. Choosing not to follow the rules of the road can result in a serious accident or injury. This includes not riding against traffic, stopping at stop signs and stop lights and following lane markings.

2. Wear a helmet

It is very important to wear a helmet. Head injuries are one of the top ways people are hurt in bike accidents. An experienced Dallas personal injury lawyer is a great resource if you have been injured in a cycling accident.

3. Don’t wear headphones

Wearing headphones can prevent hearing any of the warning sounds and noises that could help avoid an accident. Using headphones can also distract a bicyclist from many of the things going on around him and may prevent a quick response that would help avoid an injury.

4. Be prepared for the weather

Pay attention to the weather forecast if you have a ride planned.  Brightly colored waterproof clothing is very helpful inclement weather.  Dressing in layers is a good way to combat temperature changes.

These are just a few safety tips. Contact Cyclist At Law at 800-877-6188 if you have been injured in biking accident.