Bicycle Safety – Three Basic Steps for Sharing the Road

When bicyclists and car drivers share the road, there is no question that the bike is the more vulnerable vehicle. Being much smaller than cars and trucks, it’s easy for a bicycle to escape other drivers’ notice. Bicyclists are also highly susceptible to serious injury if struck by a car. The professionals at Cyclist At Law would like to encourage you take the following bicycle safety steps when you share the road:

Wear a Helmet

No matter where you intend to ride your bike or how much other equipment you have, wearing a helmet is the best thing you can do to protect yourself. In a collision with a car or truck, you will take the brunt of the collision. A helmet can mean the difference between life and death

Ride on the Right Side With Traffic

Riding with the flow of traffic prevents many accidents and is a major factor in responsible bicycle safety practices. Drivers of the other vehicles on the road are more likely to see you. Traffic lights and signs apply to bicyclists as well as car drivers. When you ride with the flow of traffic, you’ll have clear visual access to those signs.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When sharing the road with cars and trucks, you need to travel with the assumption that you cannot be seen. Don’t assume that drivers are watching for your hand signals. Watch out for potential trouble around you.

Avoid getting between trucks and the curb, especially when trucks are making a turn. Trucks have many blind spots. If you get into one of these spots, the chances of getting into a crash increase.

You Can’t Prevent All Accidents

Your focus on bicycle safety can keep you safe from many accidents, but isn’t a guarantee. If you have suffered in a collision, contact Dallas lawyers with experience in bicycle accidents. At Cyclist At Law, we have cycling experience. Give us a call at 972-392-1249 .

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