What To Do In Bike on Bike Accidents

More people in the United States are turning to bicycles as a main form of transportation than ever before. While more bicyclists and less drivers tend to make the roads safer for cyclists, there is destined to be more bike-on-bike collisions. As this happens there needs to me an increase in education on how to handle bike accidents.

What To Do When You Crash

Crashes can happen in normal day-to-day transit or more often, when you are riding with a group of cyclists. If you get hit by another cyclist there are a few things that you need to do immediately.

Get To A Safe Location- make sure that you are off the road or path where you will not be hit by a vehicle or another bike.

Assess Your Injuries- before you start walking around, make sure you are not seriously injured. If you are, stay put and ask someone to call for medical assistance.

Call For Help- If either you or the person involved is seriously injured, call for medical help.

Exchange Information- Exchange information with the person involved in the crash. Get their name, phone number, and drivers license number.

Never Apologize- Even if you feel you might have been partially responsible for the crash, do not apologize. They can use this against you if they decide to sue you for their damages.

Talk To An Attorney- If the other cyclist was at fault for the crash, they can be financially responsible for your injuries and damages you suffered as a result from the crash such as lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

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