Do You Need a Bike Attorney?

Anyone who is involved in a bike accident might not realize the extent of their rights as a cyclist. For instance, you might be entitled to the legal assistance of a bike attorney if your accident is severe enough. In any case, Cyclist At Law is here to provide you with quality legal assistance and answer any questions that you may have.

The Severity of Your Crash

If you are ever involved in a serious bike accident, reach out to a Dallas injury attorney who focuses on the interests of cyclists. Another reason to get in touch with a bike attorney is that immediate action might need to be taken. If you have a no-fault claim, it will need to be filed within 30 days of the accident. Before you can do that, you’ll have to identify all other parties involved in the accident, as well as their insurance companies. Something to keep in mind with this part of the process is that the other party might drag their feet when it comes to giving you the information that you need.

The Price of an Attorney

If you are unable to afford legal assistance for your bike accident, ask the attorney if they work on a contingency fee basis, which means you only have to worry about paying them if they are able to collect damages for you. If you lose your case, then you don’t have to pay them. No matter how you have to pay, make sure that you get a full rundown of the deposition costs, court fees, investigation, medical records, and expert witnesses. More than likely, theses costs will be deducted from your financial recovery at the end of the case.

Should you ever find yourself in need of a reputable and experienced bike attorney, contact Cyclist At Law by calling 800-877-6188.