Important Bicycle Safety Tips for Adults

If you prefer pedaling over driving, odds are you already know the basics bicycle safety tips. Drive with traffic, not against it, and always wear a helmet. At Cyclist At Law, we have seen far too many accidents in which motorists strike and injure a bicyclist even when he or she obeys the basic rules. In order to further protect yourself from harm, follow these bicycle safety tips for adults.

1. Make Yourself Visible

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly one-third of all cyclist fatalities occur between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. There are several factors that play into that number, but one is that a setting sun and rush-hour traffic can make for low visibility. To stand out to drivers, a cyclist should:

  • Wear bright, reflective clothing
  • Use flashing lights on the bicycle
  • Use a clip-on light on clothing

2. Mind the Turns

Most incidents occur either at intersections or driveways where motorists are making turns. When approaching one of these areas, be especially watchful for drivers who may not be paying attention to how fast you are going. As almost any Dallas cycling attorney will tell you, negligent drivers are a major cause of bicycle-related injuries and fatalities.

3. Know Your Environment

No matter if you are on a road you have ridden a hundred times of if the commute is brand new, keep an eye out for rocks, storm grates, potholes and anything else that may make you lose control of the bike. One of the best bicycle safety tips for adults is to remain focused on your surroundings at all times.

4. Keep Your Bike in Shape

Finally, make sure your bicycle is in good shape. Carry a small tune-up kit with you that includes an air pump and lubrication.

Even when you follow all the bicycle safety tips for adults, accidents can still happen. If you have been injured as the result of a negligent driver, contact our professionals at Cyclist At Law at (800) 877-6188.