Tips for Driving Around Cyclists

bicycle accident attorney pflugerville txDriving around cyclists is a necessary evil when you need to get where you are going but you still want to be courteous. Cyclists and motorists can share the road safely as long as everyone follows the rules of the road. If you are driving, there are some great ways that you can respect cyclists while still get to your destination quickly. Here are some simple tips for driving around cyclists.

Analyze Space

When you need to drive around a cyclist, make sure that you have enough space around each of you to safely pass. Do not attempt a pass when there is a one-way street on the other side or if traffic is heavy. If the cyclist is cycling along parked cars, be aware that they may drift into the lane due to someone opening a car door. Try to account for things that may suddenly happen and give both you and the cyclists space to react.

Be Patient

Cyclists sometimes are not going as fast as you wish on a city street. If there is not room to pass, be patient and wait. The few moments you save by passing is not worth the life of the cyclist.

Be Respectful

Cyclists ride for a variety of reasons from transportation to hobby. Whatever the reason, they deserve to be on the road just as much as a motor vehicle. Do not yell, curse, or throw objects at a cyclist. If you need to pass, most cyclists will do their best to move aside and let you pass if there is room. If everyone is polite and respectful, the road can be a much safer place for all of us.

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