What Are Your Rights When You Have a Bicycle Accident?

Being in a bicycle accident can be scary, but also extremely costly. Not only do you have potential damage to your bike, but your very being can endure a plethora of injuries. You do, however, have rights as a cyclist. At Cyclist at Law, we can help you figure out what rights you have in the situation as well as how to best protect yourself after an accident.

Who Is at Fault?

In many states, the cyclist is guaranteed the same rights as those in a motor vehicle. If an auto has turned into your path, the driver of that vehicle is liable for damages in a bicycle accident. Not all insurance companies will adhere to this upon receipt of the claim, so you need to have someone who can protect your rights.

What Is Covered?

Medical bills are the primary compensation that you are entitled to, although lost wages and other damages may also come into play. While it is not always the case, there is also a chance that damages to your bike may be recouped. If there was a death as a result of the accident and you are the family of the deceased, you can also receive compensation to cover funeral and burial expenses.

How to Protect Yourself Following the Accident

The first thing you want to do in the case of a bicycle accident is to seek medical attention. It is necessary to establish that any injuries you have are directly related to the trauma of impact. Get any contact information available from the other vehicle involved in the incident including their phone number, license plate number, the make and the model of their car. If there are any witnesses, be sure to get their contact info, as well. If you can, take a few photos of the scene to better explain what happened.

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