What to Do If You’re Involved in a Bicycle Accident

Whether your primary motivation is to save money or gas or to save the environment, riding a bike can provide many benefits. However, your efforts to improve your athleticism or your area’s air quality can be compromised by careless drivers who don’t share the road. Riding a bicycle leaves you vulnerable, and the speed and weight of cars can produce serious injuries if a collision occurs. If you’re injured in a cycling accident, your first step should be to call a skilled, experienced accident attorney. And when you need a bicycle accident attorney in Dallas, look no further than Bill Shirer, the Cyclist at Law.

As an avid Cat3 cyclist, attorney Bill Shirer has a unique perspective that can help you when you need legal assistance after a bicycle accident injury. After you’ve sought the proper medical attention, working with Bill Shirer will help you earn the compensation you deserve from the accident. While Shirer has the experience and insight into this field of law to help you emerge victorious from your lawsuit, you also need to do your part to help win the case.

As soon as you possibly can, you should write down everything that you can remember from the accident. Detailing what occurred leading up to the collision and after it can help provide the court with a clear depiction of who is at fault and what truly happened. It is vital that you do this as quickly as possible, as memories quickly fade with time.

You should also keep any records of medical treatment, property repair and other costs associated with the accident. These will be important when calculating the damages that you will receive for your pain, suffering and property damage. As with the report of what happened when your injuries occurred, you should be as detailed as possible, as forgetting to include a cost you incurred may result in a missed opportunity to get the compensation you deserve.

Don’t delay – the time you have to file your suit begins running as soon as the accident occurs. Call Bill Shirer, the Cyclist at Law at 800-877-6188 today.