Why You Should Call Me First

Cyclist at Law Bill Shirer There are often three insurance companies involved in a bike claim: the at-fault driver’s insurance (liability), your insurance (PIP/UM coverage), and your health insurance (if you have it). The adjusters know the in-and-outs of the game, the rules and the arena. You probably do not. Yes, the adjuster might seem friendly and may even want to help you, but that adjuster has a supervisor, who has a supervisor, who reports to an accountant who cares only about numbers and not injured people. Despite all their “Good Neighbor, Good Hands” advertising, insurance companies are not churches or charities. Ethics and fairness simply do not enter into claims handling. Insurers’ sole purpose is to make a profit, and an important factor in maximizing their profits is minimizing their losses and the amount they pay to you.

If you don’t know law and how to effectively handle a claim, you are at a serious disadvantage. The various insurers will use that lack of knowledge to minimize, delay or deny your claim. What I do is protect you and prevent the insurance companies from taking advantage of you.

It can get to be extremely confusing and complicated, and you are definitely at a disadvantage. There is much more that who’s at fault and the extent of your damages. Claims usually involve several issues, including:

  1. Obtaining supporting documentation, including all medical bills and records (providers charge everyone to get bills and records),
  2. Health insurance subrogation liens and negotiated reductions,
  3. “Med-Pay” subrogation liens and negotiated reductions,
  4. Hospital liens and negotiated reductions,
  5. Calculation of medical expenses after “Escobedo” reductions,
  6. Negotiating reductions in unpaid medical bills,
  7. Collateral source offsets,
  8. Claim valuation.

Therefore, you should call me before you talk with any insurance company. There is no cost, and I can give you some valuable information that can help you even if you handle your own case.

If I represent you, we handle everything. All you do is go to the doctor, which you’d be doing anyway. My fees are specified here. In general, I charge a third of what is collected on your personal injury claim plus reimbursement for expenses. There is no charge on any amount collected for your property damage claim, nor for any reductions obtained on the liens or medical expenses. If I can’t collect anything, you owe nothing. No client has ever written us a check for handling a personal injury claim.