5 Reasons for Hiring a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Some bicyclists who have been hit by a vehicle may not know where to turn for guidance. Many accident victims may suffer from serious injuries or feel emotionally overwhelmed after the traumatic incident. At Cyclist at Law, our knowledgeable attorneys are able to determine whether or not you may be eligible to receive compensation for your case. We aggressively represent our clients and won’t stop until we get the outcome our clients deserve. Here are just a few reasons that you should partner with a bicycle accident lawyer in your accident case.

1. We’ll Inform You of Your Rights

Our representatives will ensure you feel comfortable understanding your legal options and help you choose the option that is right for your specific case.

2. We’ll Determine Who is Negligent in the Case

Whether the biking lanes were not clearly marked or a vehicle drifted into your lane, our bicycle accident lawyer will find the liable party. After we determine negligence, we are able to file for compensation.

3. We’ll Fight for Your Compensation

Bicycle accident victims may be eligible for compensation to cover their medical expenses, property damage and even money lost from time taken off of work.

4. We Have Extensive Knowledge of Texas Law

Not only do we possess a full understanding of Texas law regarding motor vehicle collisions and bicyclists, but we also know how to deal with the insurance company. We’re able to negotiate the details of your compensation and won’t settle for anything less.

5. We’ll Walk You Through the Legal Process

Although filing a claim and petitioning for compensation can be frightening, we’ll walk you through the process ensuring that you feel comfortable every step of the way.

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