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About Bill Shirer, Dedicated Cyclist and Bike Accident Attorney

About Bill Shirer, Dedicated Cyclist and Bike Accident Attorney

If you are injured while riding your bike, it is important that you contact an attorney who is experienced in both personal injury trial work and cycling. You need to call me, Bill Shirer, Cyclist at Law.

I am board-certified in personal injury trial law and have 28 years of trial law experience. I also have the highest rating from Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings.

I understand the cycling community and the challenges you face as a cyclist. I ride more than 5,000 miles a year, I race regularly in the Masters 50+ road division, and have been riding and racing since 1987.

I am committed to our sport and serving my clients. I have the knowledge, expertise and experience to help you get compensation for both your personal injuries and the damages to your bike that are caused by a negligent driver or defective bike product.

Even minor bike claims are far more complicated than they were just 5 years ago, and you need an attorney who can navigate the insurance challenges ahead.

Some of the commonly asked questions regarding bicycle claims can be found here, and a general “infographic” overview of the bike claim process can be found here.

Better yet, give me a call at 972-843-7784 or 866-797-9555. The call is, of course, free. If you’d prefer to contact me by email, please click here.

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A personal injury claim can involve many steps. Evidence must be gathered, documents must be filled out correctly and submitted on time, and the case must be presented properly in court. When you work with the Cyclist At Law team, we can handle every step of the process for you to ensure that you have the best possible chance of a favorable outcome in court. We will also evaluate the facts of your case to ensure that you are seeking enough damages to cover your losses caused by the bicycle accident. No matter where in Texas you’re located, our team will be with you every step of the way.

What You Should Know About Bicycle Accidents

Serious Consequences of Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents can have profound and lasting effects on individuals and communities alike. Despite the numerous benefits of cycling, including improved fitness and reduced stress, the risks associated with accidents cannot be overlooked.

  1. Physical Injuries: When a bicyclist is involved in a collision with a motor vehicle, the resulting injuries can be severe. From broken bones to traumatic brain injuries, the physical toll can be significant and life-altering.
  2. Emotional Trauma: Beyond physical injuries, the emotional trauma of a bicycle accident can be immense. The fear and anxiety that linger after a collision can affect a person’s mental well-being for years to come.
  3. Financial Burdens: The costs associated with medical treatment, rehabilitation, and lost wages following a bicycle accident can quickly add up. These financial burdens can place a strain on individuals and their families, impacting their quality of life.
  4. Community Impact: Bicycle accidents not only affect individuals but also impact the broader community. Increased awareness and preventive measures are necessary to ensure the safety of cyclists and motorists alike.

Insights into Bicycle Accident Trends Across the Nation

  1. Increasing Bicycling Trends: From 2000 to 2012, the number of Americans commuting to work by bicycle surged from approximately 488,000 to about 786,000, highlighting a growing interest in cycling for various purposes.
  2. Rising Safety Concerns: Despite the health, financial, and environmental benefits associated with cycling, the activity also presents inherent risks, particularly when accidents involve motor vehicles.
  3. Disproportionate Injury Risk: In accidents involving a cyclist and a motor vehicle, cyclists are disproportionately at risk of serious injury or fatality compared to motorists. Bicyclists accounted for 2 percent of all traffic fatalities and injuries in 2012.
  4. Timing and Location of Fatalities: A significant portion of bicyclist fatalities occurred between 4 p.m. and midnight (48%), predominantly in urban areas (69%), underscoring the importance of heightened vigilance during these times and in these locations.
  5. Gender Disparity: Alarmingly, 88% of those killed while riding bicycles were male, pointing to potential gender-specific risk factors or behavioral patterns contributing to accidents.
  6. Alcohol Involvement: Approximately one in four bicyclists killed in crashes had blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) of .08 grams per deciliter (g/dL) or higher, emphasizing the dangers of cycling under the influence.
  7. Preventable Nature of Crashes: Many bicycle crashes could be avoided if both cyclists and motorists adhered to the rules of the road and exercised caution and awareness.
  8. Seasonal Variations: While more bicyclist fatalities typically occur during the summer months, the year 2012 saw significant increases in fatalities from January through June compared to previous years.
  9. Common Trip Purposes: Recreation (33%) and exercise (28%) were cited as the most common purposes for bicycle trips, followed by personal errands (17%), underlining the multifaceted nature of cycling activities.
  10. Safety Measures: Bicyclists employed various safety measures, with a majority using bike headlights (44%) or wearing fluorescent/reflective clothing (42%) when riding after dark, reflecting efforts to enhance visibility and reduce accident risks.

Source: https://www.cityofgolden.net/media/BicycleSafety.pdf 

Texas Bicycle Accident Facts and Statistics

  1. Crash Overview (2007 – 2012): Over a span of six years, Texas witnessed 12,789 bicycle crashes, resulting in 12,132 injuries and 297 fatalities, underscoring the significant impact of these incidents on cyclists’ safety and well-being.
  2. Age Distribution: Alarmingly, over one-quarter (27%) of cyclists involved in crashes were younger than 15 years old, with an additional 25% falling between the ages of 15 and 24, highlighting the vulnerability of younger riders to accidents.
  3. Gender Disparity: Males accounted for a staggering 81% of bicycle crash victims during the period of 2007 to 2012, indicating a notable gender disproportion in the occurrence of accidents.
  4. Crash Locations: Notably, crashes occurring on higher-speed roads, such as U.S. and state highways, were more likely to result in fatalities. While two-thirds of bicycle crash injuries transpired on city streets, the largest percentage of fatalities (33%) occurred on highways, emphasizing the heightened risk associated with these road types.
  5. County-specific Data: Analysis of crash data identified several high-risk counties in Texas, including Harris, Travis, Dallas, Bexar, and Tarrant counties, which topped the list for bicycle crashes in the state. Focusing safety outreach and awareness efforts in these counties, alongside existing initiatives, presents an opportunity to mitigate risks and enhance safety for cyclists and motorists statewide.

Source: https://www.sharetheroadtexas.org/resources/statistics-2/ 

Factors Contributing to Bicycle-Related Accidents

  1. Road Type and Speed: The type of road significantly influences the likelihood and severity of bicycle-related accidents. Crashes occurring on higher-speed roads, including U.S. and state highways, Interstate highways, and farm-to-market roads, are more prone to result in fatalities due to increased vehicle speeds and traffic volume.
  2. Age Demographics: Analysis reveals that cyclists below the age of 15 and those between 15 and 24 constitute a significant portion of individuals involved in bicycle-related accidents. Factors such as lack of experience, risk perception, and immature decision-making abilities may contribute to the vulnerability of younger riders to accidents.
  3. Gender Disparities: The data highlights a notable gender disparity among bicycle crash victims, with males comprising a substantial majority (81%) of individuals involved in accidents. Understanding the underlying reasons for this gender disproportion is crucial for tailoring safety interventions and promoting equitable cycling environments.
  4. Location-Specific Risks: Certain counties in Texas, such as Harris, Travis, Dallas, Bexar, and Tarrant counties, exhibit higher incidences of bicycle-related accidents. Factors contributing to these location-specific risks may include population density, infrastructure deficiencies, traffic patterns, and levels of cycling activity.
  5. Safety Outreach Efforts: Despite ongoing safety outreach efforts, the daunting task of disseminating safety messages across a vast state like Texas remains a challenge. Targeting high-risk counties for focused education and awareness campaigns, in addition to existing initiatives, represents a proactive approach to address regional disparities and enhance overall safety for cyclists and motorists alike.

What to Do at the Bike Accident Scene

Assuming that you’re not too badly injured, try to remember to follow these steps at the accident scene:

  1. Call the police. Call the police even if it appears that there is little property damage or you don’t think you are hurt that bad. And make sure to get the report number.
  2. Take pictures. Take lots of photos or have someone else if you cannot. Photographs can be a powerful and persuasive form of evidence. Show the facts. Take a wide shot picture of the scene and surrounding area for context. Close-up pictures of the details. Too many photos are better than too few.
  3. Gather witnesses’ contact information. Get names, phone numbers, home and work addresses, details on what the witness saw and heard. Use your phone to record video or voice record their statement.
  4. Keep a level head. Emotions are high, but don’t threaten anyone. Try to control your anger, especially when talking with the police officer, whose report can be important in determining liability.
  5. Seek emergency care. If there is a question regarding whether to go to the ER, opt to go. Cyclists have this tendency to shake off the injuries; however, after the adrenaline drops, you will probably start hurting more. If you hit your head or your head hurts, go to the hospital, no question about it.
  6. Call Cyclist At Law. Bill Shirer, Cyclist at Law, is wholly dedicated to helping injured Texas cyclists recover the compensation they deserve after suffering a bicycle accident.

Trust Bill Shirer, Cyclist at Law, With Your Bike Accident Claim

For more than 28 years, Bill Shirer, Cyclist at Law, has proudly represented victims of bicycle accidents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. As a cyclist himself, Bill has a deep understanding of the short- and long-term, physical and mental trauma that can result from a bicycle accident and will fiercely fight on your behalf.

Bill Shirer a Texas attorneys board-certified personal injury law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and a highly experienced cyclist. Bill knows how seriously cycling injuries can impact your life. He’ll fight to ensure you’re awarded the maximum amount of financial compensation you’re owed.

Call Me Before Insurance

Insurance companies are more concerned with protecting their bottom line than they are with protecting you. They may even try to manipulate you into admitting fault so that they can deny your claim. It’s important to call me before you contact your insurance. I can walk you through what to say so that you don’t make any mistakes that can be held against you.

If you or someone you love was recently injured in a cycling accident in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, don’t wait to contact a knowledgeable, experienced bike accident attorney. You may be eligible for financial compensation for your injuries, property damage, lost wages, medical care, and the emotional trauma you suffered as a result of the incident. But if you wish to recover the compensation you’re owed, you must act quickly.

Building A Bicycle Accident Case

Building a bicycle accident case can require a considerable amount of time and evidence. The longer you wait to reach out for legal representation, the more difficult it may become to collect the evidence necessary to craft your case. If you want the best chance at securing the maximum amount of financial compensation for your bicycle accident, contact Bill Shirer, Cyclist at Law today.

Free Consultation

Your consultation is free and you won’t pay a cent until we recover the compensation you’re owed and close your case. You deserve to have the financial ability to move on with your life after a cycling accident. We’re here to ensure you’re able to recover what you’re owed. As a board-certified personal injury attorney and accomplished cyclist himself, Bill Shirer has proudly represented injured Texas cyclists for more than 28 years. If you’re looking for a personal injury attorney who will fiercely fight for your rights after you’ve suffered a Dallas bicycle accident, reach out to our office today to discuss your case.

Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

  • Road rash or deep lacerations
  • Injuries to the face
  • Muscle, ligament, tendon, and joint injuries
  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Internal injuries, such as internal bleeding or bruised or punctured organs
  • Injuries to the spinal cord, which may cause partial or complete paralysis
  • Head injury (varying in severity from scalp damage, skull fracture, or intracranial hematoma)
  • Concussion / traumatic brain injury (TBI)

This list is not comprehensive by any means. It’s possible to suffer extensive injuries resulting from a bicycle or e-bike accident, and those injuries can have a devastating and lasting impact on your life. However, even more minor injuries, including the emotional impact of the crash, can have a negative impact on your long-term well-being. Regardless of the type of injury you suffered, you are likely entitled to financial compensation.

Potential Financial Compensation After a Bicycle Accident

The aftermath of a bicycle accident can be wholly overwhelming. And the thought of how the incident will impact your life both in the short and long-term can feel crushing.

You may be suffering from serious, life- or limb-threatening injuries or facing a permanent disability that severely affects every aspect of your daily life. And the medical bills associated with your post-accident care and recovery can quickly accumulate to the point that they become impossible to pay.

No matter what type of injuries you’re facing, you don’t have to face them alone. The best way to handle the aftermath of a cycling injury is to work with an experienced Dallas bicycle accident attorney who can file a personal injury claim on your behalf. A successful claim can provide you with compensation and financial stability, so you can focus on healing, both physically and mentally.

Following a cycling accident, you’ll likely require medical care, and that care can be remarkably costly, depending on the extent of your injuries. If you’re unable to work after the incident—whether for a few days or for several months or longer—lost wages can result in serious financial distress. A personal injury bike accident claim can help maintain financial stability by compensating you for:

  • Medical bills resulting from your post-accident injury care and treatment
  • Expenses related to any medical equipment you may require, physical or mental rehabilitation you require, or long-term medical care
  • Lost wages resulting from an inability to work after the incident
  • Damage to your bicycle and other personal property

As the victim of a bicycle accident, you also know that no amount of money can ease the physical and psychological aftermath of such a traumatic incident. A personal injury claim will also account for these types of non-monetary losses that you may be facing. The financial award tied to your claim will take into consideration:

  • Any physical pain you suffered as a result of the accident and how that has impacted your life
  • Any emotional trauma you experienced as a result of the accident—including anxiety, phobia, panic attacks, depression, and insomnia—and how that affects your life

Why a Cyclist Bicycle Accident Lawyer is Different

We have a different perspective as cyclists since we understand how essential cycling is and how devastating it may be to be struck by a motor vehicle while riding. A bike accident can result in a wide-range of personal injury, from road rash to serious, life-threatening injuries. We also understand what it’s like to lose the desire or ability to ride.

Catastrophic and long-term injuries can be typical in severe bicycle collisions. Many cyclists who suffer serious accidents live with the consequences of their injuries for the rest of their lives. Physical scars, paralysis, and emotional trauma are all common long-term impairments.

Our Mission is to help Texas cyclists who have been injured in biking accidents get the compensation they deserve. We are determined to safeguard cyclists’ rights, and we will do everything we can to obtain the compensation you deserve for your medical expenses, lost income, and other losses.

In addition, a collision may emotionally and psychologically impact bike riders. Working with Cyclist at Law, a bicycle accident lawyer may assist you in fighting for the greatest compensation possible for your bike accident claim, including tangible and intangible losses like medical costs, pain, and suffering.

Injured in a Dallas Bicycle Accident?

If you or someone you love has been injured in a bicycle accident near Dallas, TX don’t hesitate to reach out to Bill Shirer, Cyclist at Law to schedule a free consultation. He’ll evaluate your case and advise you on the best course of action for obtaining any compensation you’re owed. You won’t pay a cent until your case is closed and you’ve been compensated. If your case is unsuccessful, you won’t owe a dime.

Contact Bill Shirer, Cyclist at Law

At Bill Shirer’s legal firm, we are concerned with holding automobile drivers accountable for bike accidents in Texas. To learn more about your legal right after a Texas bicycle accident, call the law office of Bill Shirer today at 800-887-6188 today to schedule your free consultation. We are always available here to help you through this difficult time.

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Located in Dallas, my team serves the entirety of Texas. Due to my familiarity with Texas laws and the struggles of cycling around oblivious drivers, I'm the best resource you could reach out to after a bicycle accident anywhere in the state.

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My experience working with Mr Shirer, and his staff, was nothing less than exceptional. Unfortunately I was in need of his services after being hit by a car that didn't yield right of way to me while on my bicycle. The case was more complex than it needed to be because of the incompetence of the police investigators. However Mr Shirer and his team didn't let that dissuade them. They not only cut through all the problems, and ensured that all my medical & property damages were covered, but they also won a very fair settlement for pain & suffering. They really understand the rights and needs of cyclists. Wish I could give 6 stars.

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I couldn’t recommend Bill Shirer enough. After my accident he made it so easy to navigate the issues associated with such a traumatic event. As a fellow cyclist he truly understands the hardships one goes through and is supportive through the whole process. His staff is top notch and they really know their stuff. If you ever find yourself an the unfortunate situation of being involved in a bicycle accident don’t hesitate to contact Bill Shirer!!!

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